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"To enable the deployment of proven, yet practical Enterprise Security Management tools, methodologies and techniques combining robust management know-how with unparalleled security expertise and executive skills."

 The Institute is comprised of a wide array of security leaders, experts, academia and practitioners who are in constant search of excellence in the fields of security, safety, cyber-defense, business continuity, emergency management and crisis management. Partners and leaders of the Institute have united their efforts to professionalize the security community of the 21st Century through the SECOPS Program. The result is a roadmap to help you respond and recover from events and incidents that could derail the course of any business.  This community understands that the security imperatives of government and private businesses need to be communicated in business terms.  Security managers will increasingly need to work hand-in-hand with organizational leaders to protect the lives, property, information and business processes of the organizations that comprise Canada’s government and private sector critical infrastructures.




Developing Tomorrow's Security Leaders Today


Private and government organizations worldwide are under growing attacks by a wide array of increasingly-sophisticated threat agents who seek to derail, embarrass, paralyze or shut down business operations by targeting people, information, assets and the continuity of business operations. 

As security leaders, your most important role is the protection of people under your watch, and the continued viability of your business operations. When attacks occur leaders are judged by how well their organization is prepared to deal with a crisis. 

Readiness starts with knowledge and an understanding of the framework required to build reliable plans to mitigate impact to your organization. The SECOPS Institute provides this framework, and trains its students to leverage practical learning to develop robust enterprise security plans aimed at protecting organizations against all relevant threats.